we are glad to announce a one month give away promotion. Our goal remains to encourage and foster the talent of both established and up coming artists, blue-steam has set out to do something amazing to enable this.

From the the 1st to the 30th of September blue-steam is happy to announce that by doing one song with us you would be entitled to get another song for free this includes beats and a full recording session..

please note mixing and mastering not inclusive.. but in the spirit of the promotion we’re excited to give amazing discounts on album arts, photo shoots, mixing and mastering, collaboration, song writings, uploads on blogs and an outrageous price if interested in uploading your song on monetized sites like iTunes, spotify, tidal, boom player and so on..

THIS IS AN OFFER YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS out on.. Discount on adons only apply wen you do a song with us..

for further information go to our contact page or hit us up via call or email and you’ll get a prompt reply..


for more inquiries

call +2348133869816

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hope to hear from you…..